• Amber Marie

Doing What Matters

If you take a moment to sit and just watch people it doesn't take long to notice a couple of things; people are hurrying, most have their phones out and kindness is in short supply...unless you're in the heart of the south.

What are you doing right now? What are the goals you are working toward?

Personally, I'm waiting for elementary school to let out and I'm thinking about people. Specifically, the amount of things that people have to do in a day and how many of those can be automated or properly delegated without stressing ourselves out.

I currently attend to and work around schedules for five children and six adults just to make it out the door and through the week.

If you can't fathom what that looks like, here's a quick snapshot: middle school, 2 elementary schools and preschool drop-offs and pick-ups, lunches to be packed, who's in charge of dinner for the day and who will actually be around for dinner. Those are the basics, that's not including; who's out of town, who's at tutorial or an activity, laundry, chores and work for the adults.

I'm a planner: I have hard copy calendars, a digital calendar, emails, lists, post-it notes and a healthy dose of chaos in my head.

I thrive on this.

The dreamer: Well, he's picturing this farm we are going to live on in the middle of nowhere and what adventures we will go on. He's drawing pictures and making plans on how to feed the masses and create a world solely built on kindness.

He doesn't care at all about budgets, paper plans or the logistics of it. (All of which springs to my mind once he starts to talk.) He's looking at the future and the bigger picture.

I love this about him.

What does this have to do with me?

This has everything to do with you. Do you have a vision? A gift that you want to share with the world? Let's build it together.

Let me help you by doing those things that weigh you down and distract you from the stuff that matters to you.

Do the stuff that matters.

I'll handle the stuff that weighs you down.

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