From Our Clients


Amber Marie of Fixer Fairy simply did a fantastic job moving my website from WordPress to Wix and it is gorgeous work, to boot. She was fast, professional, VERY knowledgeable, and so affordable I tipped her!
~ Heather Blanton, Author


Amber Marie has sprinkled her fairy dust on my Heartwarming Romance website and I could not be more impressed with her work. She is friendly, affordable, and does a professional job. Amber has been a blessing to my business and I recommend using the Fixer Fairy for any, or all, of your behind the scene jobs.

~Marlene Bierworth, Author


Fixer Fairy has given me the time I need to focus on my writing. Fast, professional, and friendly she has been a huge time saver who has helped me streamline my work and keep up to date with new trends. Having someone like this working behind the scenes keeps my content fresh and new for readers everywhere.

~Danni Roan, Author


Amber was able to help me with a last-minute deadline, providing valuable suggestions and invaluable cleanup of some of my verbal clutter. THANKS, Amber!
~Elissa Stratti, Author

As an author, there are so many non-writing things to do it can be overwhelming. That's where I was when I found Amber at FixerFairy. She saves me valuable time each month taking care of admin tasks, so I can focus on my writing.

The work I've handed to her is done on schedule, without prompting and exactly the way I want. She is a great communicator and I liked that she made sure we were on the same page from the beginning. I'd be lost without her and highly recommend her. 
~Laura Ashwood, Author

I LOVE working with Fixerfairy. She's multi-talented and gets things done quickly. She's my new best friend. 🙂

~Marie Higgins, Author