Author Management


Author Development & Branding

Author Branding is one of the key components of creating who you are in the indie publishing world. What is it that lets readers know who you are? This can be as simple as creating a theme and color pallet you use from website to newsletter to social media. 

On average branding, development takes 30 days to finalize a plan and you, the author, may find that it needs to be revisited once or twice a year until you feel settled as an author or as you branch out into other genres or pen names. 

*Includes 3-5 hours of total coaching sessions via Zoom or Google Meet

Website Management

We support your design, maintenance, updates, and landing page creation, and the management of analytics and search engine optimization. 

This includes connecting blogs, social feeds, privacy policy creation, and GDPR compliance support

*We do not offer custom WordPress themes. 

Kindle Direct Publishing & Management


We can walk you through the steps to upload your books directly onto Amazon or do it for you.


Currently Unavailable

We can create a master newsletter for your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletters to your existing subscriber base to showcase your current events or a new release.

We can send it out on your behalf or provide the final version to send out on your own.

Welcome Sequence/Drip Campaigns: Helping to draft or create welcome sequences or focused segment mailings for your subscribers' list. 


Newsletter Swaps: We offer to schedule and maintain newsletter swaps through Facebook, StoryOrigin, Bookbub, and Bookfunnel. We are always looking to increase the platforms used, however, if you do not see your preferred method please let us know. 


Promos and Giveaways: Scheduling and managing giveaways, rafflecopters, and other events. 

Other Management Services

  • Scheduling and Calendar Management

  • Media Kit Creation

  • Goodreads Management

  • Research and Fact-Checking

  • Reviewer Outreach

  • Guest Posts and Interview Outreach

  • Forum Moderation

  • Promotional Material Research

  • Initial Beta Reading 

  • General Book trailers or social media teasers 

  • MAP creation and management

  • Establishing Street Teams/ARC Team